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Scorpio Horoscope for 12 December

Your Forecast for Wednesday
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The flame will light up again between you two. Scorpios that are in a relationship live moments of "romantic deactivation" but the favorable transit of Venus will put you in the path of desire and lust.

Enjoy this day where caresses, kisses, and beautiful words will be the norm, instead of an exception. Surrender to pleasure today. 

Intimacy in bed between you two is normal when you make the other person know you love them with affection.

If you've been single for some time, you'll get rid of your apathy, and you will have the impulse of meeting new people. Start looking after your friends, you've been avoiding their messages and ignoring your relationships...


Don't hurt yourself by wanting to please others. If you're going to be effective in helping, make sure your accounts are full before you want to finance someone else.

Your education might have led you to think that altruism and sacrifice are always the right way, but life will prove you that there are some contexts and moments for them. 

It's your job to achieve a balance. Unfortunately, both mean people and the too generous ones suffer, Scorpio. Or don't you deserve some comfort and material well-being?


The day starts with a lot of energy, but as the day goes by, you'll feel some weakness in the extremities. 

Some deficiencies in your diet are responsible for it. Scorpios tend to have a lack of iron in their body, if you're a woman, even worse! Menstruation leaves you without any.

A diet to restore optimal blood iron levels would consist of foods such as seafood, peaches or spinach. Which of these will you include on your menu today?

If after the nutritional changes you still feel discomfort, don't hesitate in going to the doctor. The best cure for a disease is prevention...

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