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Scorpio Magic Horoscope for December 13

Daily Prediction for Thursday
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That person you are seeing is quite jealous, and you have to set the limits from the beginning. Then it will be too late to change their modus operandi.

Managing trust is a necessity from the moment you get into bed with your new lover, who might become your partner. Better safe than sorry, Scorpio.

If your relationship is consolidated, but your partner is insecure, don't skimp on flattery and words of encouragement. You think it's something obvious, that if you are with someone, it's because it's the best thing for you, but the other person needs to hear it from time to time. 

Jealousy problems will also affect single Scorpios. A friend of yours might feel that you don't spend enough time with them, because you are meeting other friends. Try seeing everyone.


The astral climate isn't favorable, Scorpio. This warning means that you mustn't risk more than you should, or bet what you don't have in your pocket. Avoid speculating with what isn't yours, because you'll get into serious problems. 

Debts make you feel terrible, and rightly so. So why do you have credit cards? They're not necessary if you consider the fact that spending only what you have on the account is the best way to control your economy.

At work, edit your own task before handing it in. You'll be a bit distracted so you will make some mistakes. You can't stand it! But if you reread and revise everything you do, you'll be able to solve the bad influence. 


Your health won't give you any problems throughout the day, and if you suffer from a disease, it will be stable. Chronic affections are not very important, or you have them controlled. Routine will help you a lot when keeping your health.

So your mind needs you to look after it. Give it some stimulation. Travel! You shouldn't have to think about it for long...With the simple fact of spending a day in another place, it gives you oxygen and energy.

Having some conversations will make you happy. You'll find good conversationalists among the unknown. You won't be shy and be the one who breaks the ice, Scorpio.

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