Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You don't have a realistic attitude if you believe that you deserve everything from your partner. Analyze if those whims and demands are the best ones.

Asking your partner for too many favors that you wouldn't be willing to do, is a type of undercover violence. Meditate whether your needs have anything to do with some kind of inside discomfort that point to another side.

Magic Horoscope recommendation is that you think about it well before using emotional tricks with your partner because although you get what you want, you aren't going to feel satisfied and in the end, you'll cause their resentment.


You might have to take a different course of action if you are behind on payments and you are not sure whether you'll get the money. Discuss your situation and think of new ways to make money.

The more people you involve and the more adverts you read, higher the possibilities that the stars support your cause. With some effort, you'll take advantage of the opportunities that were hidden.

If it's necessary, make people who owe you money pay you. You don't like that, because you'd like your money back without having to ask, but you're not going to have another alternative.

Be strong; this economic stagnation won't last long, Scorpio. 


Your health is not at its best; your responsibilities are what keeps you moving. If you are in charge of more people, your willpower is formidable, but keep in mind that you won't be able to keep up with that pace for much longer.

You are very stressed, and you don't let your body follow the process of recovery. The regeneration capacity is strong in you, but your mind hasn't got much energy.

Organize your domestic tasks in a way that you can take some time for yourself every day. So you can switch off and be yourself. You also have the right to be well, Scorpio.