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Scorpio Prediction for 15 December

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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Single Scorpios need to broaden their view of relationships. You tend to look at the same kind of people. As you are a sign of fire, with strong inclinations towards your emotional world, you are attracted to sensitive souls, other types of water like you.

But in this kind of unions, it's very easy to fall into false illusions, and you get to situations that seem unreal, and not in the good sense. 

This is why it might be time to start paying attention to other questions, apart from emotional depth. That person with a strong personality also has a spiritual life, and it will be with your influence that they will be able to show it to you.

And you will get more internal security when it comes to achieving your goals.

You are much more productive like that, when both of you have different talents to exchange. 


Be careful with your interest in material things. You almost get to hedonism, to pleasure for pleasure, without valuing other issues in your life that perhaps should be a priority.

An excessive vocation for everything that has to do with money won't lead you necessarily to abundance. There's nothing worse than desiring what you don't have... You'll get the money, but if you want it at all costs, do you win or lose quality of life, Scorpio?

Being capable of anything for money means you can even forget about your principles. Something you'll end up regretting... What if you take a look at what you already have? You will be amazed to see that you already have everything you need to be happy.

Lif your head up, the life of people you care about keeps moving on, and you aren't participating in it. 


Your goal is very near, don't throw overboard the commitment and the perseverance that has led you to where you are in the cure of that severe disease.

Trust in your own way to recovery and follow the instructions of the doctors. Rehabilitation can be tiring and challenging, but you have to keep on with it. It's the perfect tool to recover as soon as possible.

Determination in fields such as money or love relationships leads to success. In health... too! Keep your worries at bay and hang in there; you are about to win the battle. Be strong, Scorpio!

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