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Scorpio Forecast for December 16

Prediction for Sunday
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Do you feel out of place, Scorpio? The bad vibrations of Saturn in heart matters will make you think that nobody cares about you.

No, Scorpio. Your friends don't suddenly ignore you, and your partner is not thinking about anyone else... What happens is that you are sensitive and in your head, some ghosts don't let you enjoy the day. 

Break that glass that makes you see everything dark. It's logic that, if you keep taking delight in negativity, you think life is terrible. 

In any case, someone will come that will know how to turn your world upside down, and they will even make you smile. Let yourself get carried away by their vibrations, which will be like a blessing that will take you out of that grumpy state. You aren't like that!


You feel ignored at work. You might haven't been in the company for long, or you have been in the same position for a long time, and you are still less important. 

You have believed for too much time that to assure survival, it was necessary to darken your light and stay in the group of just another run-of-the-mill person... But you know that the time for revolution 

You can say what you want, but you can do it better than before, and today you will stand out in something you know how to do very well. Say what you think! You'll cause a significant effect that will mean a before and an after. 

If you're looking for a job, the role of a shy person is getting small for you. Don't be fooled; you are what you decide to think about yourself. Look for the charismatic person inside you and go for it, Scorpio.


It's a dangerous month for your figure, the one you have achieved with so much effort. You like seeing yourself well, and whoever says you worry too much, is wrong. 

That is why you'll have to take some measures for Christmas. The period of life, happiness, and carbohydrate excesses, Scorpio.

No matter how full the table is, it doesn't mean you can ignore the satiation sign of your stomach. Be aware of when hunger finishes and leave the knife and fork on the plate.

You also need to be careful with drinks. Enjoy every glass with no rush, and you'll save yourself an excess of empty calories.


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