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Scorpio Horoscope for 17 December

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People you have loved at some point will always be in your heart, Scorpio. But you must let go of people that aren't in your day to day life. Life continues, and you can't live in the past.

The present also has a lot to offer. Let new people in. Let the people from the past go because they will also think about you and they suffer if they see you sad.

Look for help or go to some associations where people meet to deal with the loss of loved ones. You might be going through complicated grief without you knowing. Just remember that you aren't a bad person for wanting to live a full life, even though they are not here with you anymore. It's the natural cycle of things. 


You kill yourself working, but does that make you feel right? You dedicate too much time to unhappiness. Is what you do really necessary or have you fallen into mental routines that hinder the flow of events? The head likes predictability...

What you like differs quite a lot from what makes you happy. You are happy when you get out of routine, go for new experiences and, above all, spend quality time with people you love.

There's nothing wrong if you leave something to do for tomorrow and you leave work before, so you can be with that person that is making an effort so your relationship goes well or that only wants to spend some time with you. 

If you have a house that you want to sell, be careful with the state of the garden. Flowers and weeds send you a subliminal message that you should control. A lovely garden assures a successful sale very soon.


You will make corrections in your habits and routines that will affect your health in the long term. Today you will begin to lead a healthier life, as soon as you meditate on the matter.

This reflection can also come hand in hand with someone that worries about you and that in some way, will open your eyes. 

If you buy things in the supermarket without any consideration, pay attention to the labels. 

If you avoid the initial discomfort caused by sport, the problem is that over time you will rust and physical incompetence will be even worse. You have to break the vicious circle. Little by little, introduce some physical activity into your daily life. Always use the stairs, try to walk or cycle to work...

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