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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for December 18

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An unstable situation at a personal level will have an influence in your intimacy. How can you cope with your partner when you are going through some inner transformations?

Uranus will be there to help you: it will accelerate that liberation personal process. As a result of your inner works, you'll feel free to say what you have in mind and stop trying to control everything. You accept that chaos is more the norm than the exception...

Don't be surprised if today or one of these days you are proposed some innovations in bed. Sex is a creative act in which you will expand, and you'll know how to enjoy in unexpected ways. Something that will make you feel a lot of satisfaction.

Uranus will affect those single Scorpios; you'll meet unusual people. Don't ignore them and talk to them!


You are going to have some opportunities to earn some money, but you have to open your eyes, Scorpio! Take the initiative and break with your old habits. You know how you want to make a living, but you might find yourself doing something you wouldn't imagine you would do. 

Innovate in the way you affirm yourself and learn to produce in a new occupation, not only will it bring you a new economic solution, you will have fun!

In this new path, you run the risk of insisting on doing things your way. Feeling the impulse of separating from the rest can lead you to end up isolated, or to make some mistakes that you would have avoided with good advice. 

As long as you be careful with this trend, the Magic Horoscope forecasts that you will do well in everything you undertake, Scorpio.


Ups and downs in health matters are horrible, Scorpio. What's the point of a period of restrictions if a period of excesses is nearly here?

The stars recommend you to follow a moderate way, even though it's difficult for you to stick to a diet of going out at nights. 

It's difficult to acquire some specific habits at this point, but without them, it's complicated to lead a healthy and happy life. 

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