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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for December 19

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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Be careful with the resonance of Mercury today. The temptation of playing two-way is compelling. 

You have a partner or someone you consider your life partner, but your restlessness mind will lead you to wonder what would it be like to try with new people. 

They are temporary cravings that disappear if you stop thinking about them. The problem is that task will be complicated for today. Your mind has a lot of energy today. 

It seems as another challenge in the middle of the way to real love, and if you continue with this attitude, you will lose the person you really love. 

Flirting with many people at the same time, even though you aren't in a relationship, isn't pleasant for anyone. It's going to be very common to confuse names, and that is very unpleasant! Caution, Scorpio, it is no nonsense.


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Mercury will be very favorable at work and finances today. Your energy is very common in Scorpios; you have a deep and inquisitive mentality. 

Today there are going to be new working relationships or contacts, surprising and unexpected encounters that will bring you good luck. 

Expect happy unforeseen events and mistakes from third parties that will be an enormous advantage for you. The remaining problems will find an easy solution today, thanks to the fact that your mind will go at a thousand per hour.

The job search can lead to immediate interviews, and you will be ready for them. The advice from the stars is that you show yourself sure about what you know. There's nobody like you for this position. 


Today you will feel auto-delusion in the aspect of health. Your health is good, but it is something that could change if you continue along the path of unconsciousness.

There's no point in eating salads and buying low-fat products if you then add excessive sauce on your dishes or you're one of those who stuffs themselves up. 

The inconsistency in your behaviors gives you a feeling of guilt that you are barely aware of. Worst of all, it takes you further and further away from leading a balanced life.

Hyperkinesis, or the feeling that you can't stop still for a moment, will be very common these days. The influence of Mercury will make you move and desire the physical activity that you don't usually do. Pay attention to your instincts; there's nothing worng with you.


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