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Scorpio Horoscope for 2 December

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If love knocks on your door, don't be too late answering, because it could leave soon. Ok, it's difficult for you to decide to love openly. They have played with you enough in previous relationships...

You forgot to close the door to certain people, but never to love! It's what keeps you happy and willing to share your happiness with the rest.

Nobody can free you from the pain that loving someone intensely involves, but what about the happiness it brings you? 

Loving is an ability that is improved by practice. With this, Magic Horoscope wants to tell you that it takes time to get to understand someone and overstep the limits of their defects. 


The changes recently introduced in your work left you dismayed at first. But after some time you have discovered their usefulness.

Now that you have a more efficient work system, you'll discover that you will have extra time that before you dedicated to uncomfortable tasks. 

Uranus brings these novelties into your life so that you learn that every change always brings something positive to your experience, even if it doesn't seem so at first.

When it comes to your household affairs, you urgently need to fix those mismatches in your water or electricity bills. Check the numbers, because the meter box may not be working well.


The intensity that characterizes the natives of Scorpio, together with a complicated transit of Pluto are two factors that complicate the fact that you end with bad habits, like smoking or drinking too much alcohol. 

You have to prioritize and choose which problem you want to make disappear first. It's difficult to be a healthy person overnight, so we recommend to make these changes little by little. 

Too much thirst for living can lead you to the opposite extreme, to self-destructive behaviors. Renew your energy to expand your vital horizons, instead of closing them...

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