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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for December 20

Your Horoscope for Thursday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You think it's extremely romantic to organize spontaneous plans in the middle of the week. Unfortunately, your aims will be truncated for a reason you didn't expect, from your optimistic point of view: your partner won't be in the mood!

Days are full of pending obligations and tasks during this time of the year. If your partner has already told you that they need time to finish their work, that plan isn't going to be a good idea. 

Why don't you ask them when you could have that romantic date instead? Then you will show them that you are concerned and you respect their objectives. If you consider their time, they will feel even more in love with you. 

Single Scorpio: don't harass with your plans and propositions. If they have already stood you up once, wait until they try to meet you. The ball is in their court right now; you just have to wait.


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In economic matters, things are going to go better than yesterday. You'll be able to make up for some of the losses. If you have a business, you will appreciate this truce! The streak of bad luck is over.

You might even be given back your wallet or some lost object. 

You're not going to get rich today, but the stars will favor you with small strokes of good fortune. Expect some kind of gift from someone outside your circle of friends. This will make your day!

You could try your luck in some game of chance, prefixing beforehand the amount you plan to spend trying your luck.


Scorpios might have some problems with their reproductive system. Pluto invites you to have a check-up on your intimate parts. 

Don't ignore strong smells or recent changes. Having a check-up on time will prevent the problem from escalating.

Make sure the care and the hygiene are present in your daily routines. An infection, if it's not treated on time, originates all kinds of complications, it can even cause infertility.  


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