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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for December 21

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The excessive concern about what your partner is doing when you aren't together, don't you think it's because you have too much free time, Scorpio?

You will feel the cold stabbing of jealousy. It even seems you like feeling like that. Why do you always have these dark thoughts?

You need to learn to put a stop to those type of mental patterns. We all have them, but if you take too much notice to your darkest side, you'll end up destroying a beautiful relationship, because of your insecurity. 

Think about it; if they'd do that to you, you wouldn't allow it. Wouldn't you, Scorpio?


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When everything in your life is going wrong, you find refuge in your job where you feel safe. It gives you stability in the most uncertain moments, and that's something you're grateful for. With this attitude, your superiors are pleased with you.

And what about your other issues? Sooner or later you will have to face what you are running away from. Is your heart satisfied? Do you look after yourself enough? Turn that intense attention away from your productivity.

Deep down you are worried about losing your way of making a living. You can't live thinking all the time that something terrible is going to happen. You don't enjoy your days like that, Scorpio.  

Your economy, as it's logic, is going very well, after all this effort. Give yourself a whim from time to time!


You'll wake up feeling weak and without feeling like doing anything when that is not normal in you. The temperature in your body changes strangely throughout the day. You shiver, and then you need to take your jacket off because you're too hot... It's crazy.

It seems as though you are incubating a fever. Remember that fever is a symptom, not an illness, and the most important thing is to know why you have one. 

Don't take any antibiotics unless your doctor tells you to. As soon as you can, go for a check-up, Scorpio.

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