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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for December 22

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The problem is this chaos that is going through your heart... Don't you have too high ideals about what love should be like?

It's inevitable for love to suffer transformations throughout the years. In the beginning, everything seems exciting, but now that there are no secrets, it's difficult to keep the flame of passion.

It's essential for you to understand this and that you accept it. You know why? Because being aware is the only way to remedy it!

Now you two have to do your bit, but that doesn't mean you love each other less. What you have gained on the one hand is inevitably lost on the other.

The future of a relationship based on a wise love is in your hand. Your partner will be with you in this process, create intimate moments dedicating some of your time to the relationship.


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Your education or expectations for life, conditions you to open your eyes and find new opportunities to increase your finances or that work in which you can develop. Flexibility isn't your thing, but that has to change. You're missing out on the best!

If you remain permeable to the opportunities that appear on your horizon, you will find a place for yourself in life. A job where you will earn the money you deserve and be able to unleash your potential. Now is the time to try tasks related to your communication skills.

The stars recommend you to travel if you can. There is excellent news out of your comfort zone. Don't let fear stop you experimenting. You know, the cemetery is dotted with prudent people.


A persistent illness doesn't seem to go away, and you are overwhelmed because you've already seen many doctors. Nothing seems to be working.

Why don't you try new alternatives? The new treatments have the disadvantage of being expensive, but if you don't take risks, your current situation will be prolonged...

Excellent news in case you have a family member or someone very dear to you hospitalized. They will soon be out, and they will be able to continue with their lives normally.

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