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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for December 23

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The eternal debate about the kindness in human beings isn't nonsense for you. You usually think that the world has gone crazy, that people show less positive feelings and it's difficult to keep faith in relationships. It looks like the world has been eaten by rage...

Why don't we sow more love then? A kind word, make someone a favor... small details that prove there's still hope. People around you will be able to feel your inner light today, if you decide to share it with no fear. 

With your example, you can make a difference in people around you that are only surrounded by bad company. 

Don't turn your back on family conflict; it requires a second chance. Many times evil is more out of ignorance than a conscious act.

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Is it difficult for you to concentrate in your tasks today? It's not your fault, this time of the year has your head in the clouds... Accept it instead of revealing yourself against it.

You can't tell your head to do what it doesn't want to do, but it's in your hand to "make it more entertaining." Put some music on, have breaks more often and call someone you haven't seen for ages. This will clear your head.

These are small strategies to seduce your mind, so it works in your favor, instead of against you. 

Be careful when you come out of work because you will want everything you see. Try getting home without looking at the shop windows. 


Again, the focus of your prediction in health matters will be your sight. The wear and tear on your vision is a fact that you should no longer ignore.

Go to your optician to have your eyeglass lenses correctly adjusted, or if you don't have a prescription yet, get used to the idea that you'll soon have to wear glasses.

Contact lenses are an option, but if you're not used to wearing them, be very careful because you have a high probability of infection and this area, is already delicate. Be well informed about its use and hygiene measures.

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