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Scorpio Magic Horoscope for December 3

Daily Prediction for Monday
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Don't you know when to end a relationship? On the one hand, they make you happy, but, on the other, you feel they are a hindrance in your life.

You might get lost in subjectivities, forgetting the most important thing. When they aren't there, do you miss them? Do you miss their smile? Do you often think about how they would answer to conversations in your head?

It makes no sense to end a relationship that works just because of what people think. No one will ever know the real dynamics of a relationship other than the two members of it.

Talk to your partner, so you can delimitate your spaces better and have more time to dedicate to your projects. But don't mistreat your heart because logic asks you to achieve goals, Scorpio. 

Nobody is a hindrance if you maintain a delicate balance between your affective needs and your objectives


No matter how comfortable you find yourself doing what you do best, it may be time to consider accepting other jobs. You will have to engage in other activities in order to cope with the economic costs ahead of you.

You love enjoying your freedom, and you think you don't need anything else to be happy, but the unstable balance between the income and your free time could be about to break. 

You have enough strength; you will face the economic challenge in a way that you won't even notice the change. You can work by seasons and then go back to your regular source of income, once you've accumulated enough to be able to sleep peacefully, Scorpio.


Tired eyesight is one of the most significant problems for Scorpios. Your eyes prefer to see at night, hence at the slightest ray of sunshine, you dazzle.

Wearing sunglasses isn't an option but a real need. If you still don't have any, with a quick visit to the closest optician you can solve this problem. There are usually interesting offers if you pay close attention. 

The radiation from screens and mobile devices is also harmful. Don't watch anything on these devices in the dark, Scorpio; it's detrimental to your eyes.

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