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Scorpio Daily Prediction for 4 December

Tuesday’s Scorpio Forecast
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



There's a point when being surrounded with people makes you anxious and happy. It's not only you, Scorpio. It's the price you have to pay for being authentic and wanting people to see you as you are. 

It's straightforward to fall in stereotyped relationships where the main topic is to talk about meteorology or of the news events. But you don't advance towards new levels of spiritual realization. 

Today brave people, like you, are going to approach you. Men and women willing to have meaningful conversations.  Relax, because you will enjoy a lot and you will be in your element.

In the family field, you will reconcile, or they will reconcile with you. The vibrations of the stars bring to your life a sense of the intellectual. 


Ambition could make you put a foot wrong. More doesn't always mean better, and you are approaching dangerously a no-return point. 

Don't forget that your spiritual part. Does what you are doing complete you as a person? You dedicate a lot of time to work, make it something positive for you and the people around you. 

Get away from business in which you harm the rest. You might do what you do out of need, but the stars advise you to leave your job if you can. A part of you is suffering with this job, and you aren't listening to it. 

If you do so, there will be a moment when the universe will answer you and will offer you opportunities according to your values, and you'll never go through bad economic moments again. 


Be careful with speed and recklessness... There is a propensity for traffic accidents today for Scorpios. Don't make it easy for others to collide with you.

And if you're also one of those who loses their temper at the wheel by the nonsense other drivers say, recognize that within you there is a potential aggressiveness you aren't letting out.

Outdoor sports will bring your inner peace back, and it's also convenient that you do them sporadically, in order to pay attention to other issues. Your body is fine but it needs an escape valve for those negative emotions.

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