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Scorpio Prediction for 5 December

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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The bonds that bind you to the other person are complicated. Right now you are going to experience a halt in your relationship. You don't want to grow apart, but you don't know how to break that wall of ice there is between you.

To get out of this situation, show yourself accessible. Be honest. Do you like this situation? No, right? Then tell them! Talk about how bad you feel about this situation. The warmth of your words when they're authentic disarm anyone! 

It's a good relationship, but this is a temporary setback. Try to relax and remember what made you be together in the first place... and love will come back between you two.


The stars ask you to review issues of employment and home. Do you make enough money? Perhaps the rent you are paying is too high. What stops you getting to the end of the month with comfort, Scorpio?

The obstacle to making more money is your current job. You pay your bills, but you don't have much money left to live the life you would like to live... And Scorpios lose their willingness to look at the future. 

Break your habit of overthinking. There are going to be some crisis, but if you don't overcome them, you will still be in this situation in which you don't have enough money. 

You are going to go through a period of revelation, Scorpio. Are you ready?


Having moments of silence, observation, reconnection, and integration is fundamental for you to open yourself to life changes and body regeneration. Scorpio is an introspective sign that without meditation, they are nothing.

Nourish your consciousness to address, with integrity, harmony, and fluidity, situations that destabilize you or require more mental speed.

If you are closed, limited or unbalanced, nothing flows, and the changes are experienced dramatically and devastatingly, open up to make the most of the learning you receive throughout the day.

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