Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



If you overthink about people, and you think over and over again about what they say or do, you'll create problems that weren't there at the beginning. Take a break, Scorpio. You'll get your head out of the worries you have in the aspect of love.

Your life shouldn't be worrying all the time about who is supposed to bring happiness to your life. Do conscience analysis: Do you fall into the temptation to compare your present with your past often?

Why are you carrying the bricks from your previous relationship? You'll end up building the same house! Are you sure it's the other person who started the problem?

Today is introspective. Take time out of your day to talk to a friend who knows you well or someone in your family who is like a brother to you.

When you realize that your past is the story that you explain yourself, it won't have any power over you. 


It's all open, and it might even be chaotic. You may have to start from scratch, but don't worry. Continue your journey calmly, as the stars are always in favor of the Scorpio being resurrected again and again.

It's a day to stay calm and not expect any significant results. Let time take its course. Concentrate on a single thing at a time, and you'll see that you make progress. Discreet ones, but they are small steps that lead you towards a more promising future. 

Regarding your relationship with your colleagues, you shouldn't let tension affect you. A lot of people depend on you and without your support they won't be able to prosper. 


Neptune will bring you an excess of energy especially related to the Scorpios that will make the natives of your sign notice their body different...

It is very likely that, on more than one occasion, you have felt the tingling sensation in your extremities throughout the day. 

This is very common, and there is nothing to worry about. However, if you feel constant tingling in your hands and feet, you need to pay attention to the situation and do something about it.

Take long walks and try to release the energetic tension your body is subjected to. The activities that make you sweat are the ones that make you feel better with this astral configuration.