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Scorpio Horoscope for 7 December

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Are you sure you see the other person as they are? The filter of the past distorts the reality of the present. Maybe who is trying to occupy your heart reminds you of someone you loved from the past. This is what makes it hard for you to get out of the illusion...

Today may be the day of vanishing false illusions, and this discovery won't be comfortable. But this will lead you to get to know the other person better.

Today you'll also find out about some secrets. This is going to help you understand your reality better; which always contributes to reducing the suffering. 


Right now your economy is not going very well. You have to look for new ways and alternatives to earn some money. Your methods are probably not enough. 

Someone will come and help you with an exciting path. But you can't expect that person to make all the decisions for you. 

Without a doubt, their influence will be beneficial, but you must explore on your own better ways of earning money.

You'll have to decide about which advice is useful for you and which isn't. This will awaken a tremendous critical sense in you that will be very good for you, Scorpio. 


Your delicate health will improve without you doing very much. Stop worrying, because what your body needs to get better is to keep a positive mind. 

Visit happy memories, Scorpio. These give you strength to face life with determination. You have a lot to enjoy and discover. 

Don't omit your body's basic needs and nothing can go wrong. Get rid of the voice that continually repeats that you aren't well. There's nothing wrong in changing the chip, and there's no better day like today to do so, Scorpio. 

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