Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



A disagreement with a dear friend will make you feel extremely sad. You can't explain how you've got to this point, and it's something that affects you a lot, even if you don't recognize it, Scorpio. 

Nobody can make us like what everyone likes, or accept what most people think. On the contrary, there's no problem in accepting the difference. There's a space for everyone. And a promise of happiness for everybody. 

Learning to say no and to set limits, with firmness and gentleness, without justification and guilt, allows you to recover your free will, conquer a plot of independence and create your own space of freedom, Scorpio.

Don't be afraid of telling people what you like. It's the only way of attracting those who feel the same as you do. 


Today you will have economic or professional progress, but for this, you have to go into business with someone, you can't do it alone. Accept advice from an intelligent and educated person, before a friend who doesn't know much about it. 

The gears of the universe have started working. You'll go through a winning streak, once you start appreciating everything you have and what you have between your fingers.

You are going to come out of the setback, and it will be beneficial for you, but with a condition: you have to be fast and catch opportunities very quickly. 


You like doing sport. Your great passion for life leads you to fulfill yourself through vigor and energy. Sweat may be one of the things that will push you back the most...

This mechanism of the body is a lesser evil, when it is necessary to eliminate toxins and regulate the body temperature. But if it's excessive, it conditions you, and you don't feel like exercising as much.

Try to stay in cool, shady places if possible and well ventilated. Wear breathable clothes that facilitate the elimination of sweat and use some deodorant in case your problem is the bad smell.

By following these little tips, you will be able to enjoy exercise without problems. Don't leave the sport aside because of what they will say.