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Scorpio February Stars Prediction

Scorpio: Your Star Sign Revelations for February
Scorpio Magical Horoscope |



This is going to be a month full of surprises. You will have the opportunity to use all your magnetism on really attractive “victims”, you will manage to bring into your life all those people that you have wanted for a long time... But also, due to the inevitable wear and tear at mid-month, you will question the implications of your obsessive behaviour. Is it really that important to go from one relationship to another? Your reflections will be on the guilt that people lay on others to manipulate them. What others make you feel, but also the guilt that you lay on others. These experiences will be useful for you to get you closer to your personal freedom, both the one that you give to others and the one that you let yourself live.


Scorpio, it will be in February that you realise the work monotony in which you are immersed and thanks to that you will find your passion, after dedicating time to investigation. It is also a month in which there will be misunderstandings with your colleagues, partly because you are not comfortable with your work situation and partly because you have still not learnt humbleness. You must learn to work in a team. February will not be enough to solve all these problems, it is personal work that requires patience with oneself. Thankfully there are more months in the year to learn lessons.

Some strokes of luck will come your way, thanks to the moon’s influence that always affects you positively, on this occasion bringing you some unexpected fortune situations.


You carry a history of excesses that unfortunately were intensified during January. Now in February, you are starting to take action on the matter, focusing your attention on your health habits, which leads you to look for alternatives and perhaps professional help.

The moon will be your greatest protector regarding the most basic physical ailments. Water will be fantastic to regenerate you. Come on, with your strong will, this will be the year in which you learn how to treat your body better!