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The differences you have can be overcome with your extraordinary affection, building a very stable relationship. You will always try to stay together. If your partner is from an earth sign, the thing becomes quite durable, Scorpio.

However, someone from a relationship that only you thought was ended will reappear. Didn't you end the relationship when you last met? Well, it's time to tell them some harsh words in person.

In friendship, you'll create new bonds that will bring happiness to your life. You didn't expect that person to coincide so much with you! But first, you'll have to overcome some initial differences. 


That job offer you want to apply for that you love, you think it's out of reach because you don't have enough necessary experience...

But is this really like that? The stars point out that it's a negative inner consideration that you have to overcome. You're more prepared than you think!

If you never try it with hopes put on the future, you'll never progress. You have excellent capacities and excellent disposition towards learning. Trust in all your potential, Scorpio.     

To be able to access that job position, try to apply for it, without thinking about it too much! The stars want to help you, but you must be at the right time, in the right place, so magic takes place. 

When you act from your inner strength conviction, everything you want materializes. This position obeys your highest ideals. Please don't stop trying.


Have you lost some sense of balance? Everything seems to indicate that you have. The excesses and the continued neglect of your health habits are deteriorating your body. It makes you age fast.

A call to good judgment and to stick to your animal condition is the best way to take care of your health. Although you may find mundane matters unimportant, eating at your hours and sleeping long enough, are not irrelevant issues, Scorpio.

In addition, investing your money in preparing good meals will allow you to live with a quality of life for a long time.