Scorpio Daily Horoscope
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your charm and your attractive appearance are well known among your social circles. This is the reason why you always have someone around you. You see it like something normal. 

But with so many distractions, do you have time to get to know someone in depth? 

Reserving yourself for just one person is not high stakes. Take the risk of spending some time with no one to call on cold nights, and you will see that you will appreciate that person who wants to do everything with you much more.

You might not be used to having a partner for so long, that is why the planets put you this nice person in your way. You deserve to be loved the way you are and not because of your physical appearance. 

With some patience, you'll learn a lot about one and other physical and emotional management. 


Mercury comes to question your way of thinking and communicating with this transit in conjunction with Pluto. Are your ideas yours or product a fad? 

Your ideas and opinions about many matters can change radically from what you thought before this transit. 

You might have a more significant interest in finding the truth in all the issues that catch your attention during this time, and you will want to understand everything that matters to you. 

Let yourself get carried away by this energy and make use of it at work; it will be good for that promotion you wish for. 


Mental flexibility is very important because the great danger with this transit is to be the victim of an obsession or some radical idea.

Doing stretching exercises has a good effect on your body and your mind. People with a too rigid mentality aren't usually very flexible with their body. 

It's curious, right? In the end, both our body and what we perceive is of a mental nature. The state of your mind will depend on the state of your body, and vice-versa.