Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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It's going to be a beautiful day at home with your partner.  There's no need for complicated plans. Just you two at home, what else can you ask for?

Luckily, this Sunday you'll have free time, and what better plan than spending it with the one you love. Joy in intimacy will be easy and quite sensual for the natives of Scorpio. Venus is within your sign, Scorpio!

If you're single, your friends will demand you to spend some time with them. A special charm will make you shine in all kind of social meetings and events.  


Someone will confront your way of doing things, and the verbal exchange won't be at all nice... This type of situations could force you to examine your way of thinking

But this doesn't mean that you automatically give up to the ideas of someone else. Just question yours, and bring out your own conclusions. It can lead you to a new deep understanding of life. 

Accept what they have to say, even if not everything they say is right. Avoid being involved in furious power struggles with others nodding your head; inside you can keep thinking whatever you want. This is the way not to be seen as a threat that needs to be stopped.


The path of evasion is actually the most dangerous path. That thing you were avoiding will fall on you as a harsh reality. Better late than never, Scorpio.

Don't you ever think you've been defeated and that the little you can do will be of no use. Because you are wrong!

Without this hard time, you'll never get rid of the burden you have over your shoulders without knowing. Diffuse pain can be solved, as well as obesity, smoker's cough...

But you should go to the hospital so they can run some tests on you. And you can receive the right advice.