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You will mix your egos perfectly well, and you will work, share and help each other. Can you hear the wedding bells ring? You are in the best position for marriage because everyone around you will feel you belong together. 

In the negative side, you need to understand that with Venus in Scorpio, conflicts of an intimate nature can also occur and if the energies that were put into the game by this position aren't controlled, it will cause many small disagreements.

If the relationship isn't going well, you could be competing instead of working together, but it will be a temporary influx. The love between you two is totally solid. You'll stay together, and nothing will be able to separate you. 


You'll have a warrior attitude today: your words will be the decision, the bravery, and the boldness. You'll always want to do something, even when waiting for the right moment or doing nothing would be more effective. 

You can't tolerate indifference to get what you want. You'll feel that it depends on you to get the ball rolling. And you won't be mistaken, Scorpio! You'll follow your objectives or wishes in a very aggressive way. 

You want to compete and that isn't bad, enjoy challenges or a good fight, you can be a real fighter sometimes. The desire for doing things in a new way is strong in you. 


Pain can settle into your life for no reason, you could suffer without knowing the origin of your pain, in spite of your visits to the doctor. The subjective factor that pain involves, your valuation, turns out to be essential. Feeling anxiety towards those states can worsen those bad sensations. 

The brain generates pains that don't have an organic cause for us to pay attention to our bodies and so that we divert attention from "repressed emotional tensions." 

When we recognize the emotional tensions that we repress, the painful symptoms decrease. You can use your mind to alleviate your pains through acceptance. This involves having contact with unpleasant experiences of yourself.