Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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It will be very difficult to tolerate sudden silence between you two. From being everything to two strangers. How is this possible? The complicated planetary transit will make you put an end to everything that you thought was inviolable. 

The best thing you can do is not to force things... a moment alone can be right for you, to heal wounds. After the hot-topic word exchange between you two.

And, although you might never be the same after that, you can always be friends. Old flames die hard, and not recognizing this is childish. 

We are forever united with those who we have ever shared our intimacy with. Somehow, they will dissolve negativity, even if it lasts a long time.


There is balance between your dreams and your potential. What you set as your path isn't crazy at all, although a lot of people will tell you that you're still on time to change your opinion. 

Life belongs to dreamers, and specifically to those that dare to make their dreams come true. 

The fastest way to get what you want is keeping a balance in all aspects of your life. Try to have fun, to create bonds, and to work hard.

Don't forget that you get to the finish line faster if you're alone, but you'll get further if you do it with someone, Scorpio. 


You'll control the excess of anxious thoughts doing some peaceful activities. You will have to do what you can to get to intersperse them with your obligations. Not everything can be work and more work...

The current astral configuration will give you a lot of energy. If you don't use it for your wellbeing, sooner or later it will take its toll on you, Scorpio. 

In you, there are strong impulses of self-destruction, although well channeled, they will lead you to a speedy recovery. Nothing like knowing the hidden forces and getting to put them on your side. Analyze your emotions well.