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It's not a good moment to get crazy. A well-structured atmosphere that allows planning and routine is what your relationship needs right now.

Your partner is probably too conventional, Scorpio. Give them trust and security, before suggesting new limits. That person can get scared easily if you suddenly reveal all the layers of your deep personality.  

In sex, you don't always have to make an effort with the acrobatic positions and physical waste. You can now relax and enjoy the presence of the other with caresses and hugs. This will strengthen the confidence between both of you, before going to the next levels of pleasure...

Single Scorpios look for action, probably too aggressively... Try to relax and get to know the other person. No one likes to feel used, after all. 


Greater presence in the earthly world. Greater understanding of reality, thanks to your great sense of observation. Now more than ever you must use it because if you follow the procedures correctly, your income will increase.

Connecting with your intuition is indispensable to take the leap. So you make your dreams come true, Scorpio.

You'll surround yourself of different kind of people. Those that usually intimidated you, you'll find out that they are a source of inspiration and help in achieving your goals.

Once you break with complacency, you attract proactive people who also enjoy getting results, rather than spending the whole day complaining.


You'll catch some kind of illness during this negative Neptune transit. Pay attention to your sensations, Scorpio!

Do you have diarrhea, uncontrolled weight loss, and exhaustion that you can't understand? Then you might have some kind of food intolerance that is harmful to you... You might be a celiac, and you don't know. 

It's an inflammatory pathology due to gluten, something in barley, wheat, or rye. 

Early diagnosis is vital. If you have 2 or more than these symptoms, go to the doctor, so they make you a check-up. With a diagnosis, you'll be able to treat the disease as you should.