Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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As much strength and intensity that you put into the relationship, you must keep in mind the reaction of the other part. Are they taking your efforts into account? Because everything seems to indicate that you are the only one committed to the relationship. 

It's painful, but sometimes we fall in love of an ideal, instead of genuinely observing the other person... Your great romanticism leads you to give everything in love, but also to manipulate reality depending on what you want to experiment. 

The stars' advice is that you will find what really fills your heart, once you decide to loose ties with someone who doesn't belong to you. A difficult decision? Yes, but only you have to make it, Scorpio.


The least you can do now is hide. Things are going to get tense in at work for you because you'll feel indecisive. You don't really know what position you're at, or maybe your tasks will change overnight. 

The process of change is natural, and essential, Scorpio. Once you understand that not everything in this life is forever, you'll be able to make a profit out of any situation.

You're close to achieving great truths that will open you the door towards abundance. Don't be scared! Face whatever causes you so much distress.

There is an economic sum at stake that is about to end up in your bank account. Have you been worried for a few days about whether it is for you or not? The Magic Horoscope informs you that it will be for you, but you will have to meet the requirements before the award date.


Some adverse health circumstances can lead you to learn to take better care of yourself in the future. It's a lesson you have to go through.

It's a chronic disease; there's no better antidote than constancy in the treatment. What can you do? Other people will have to deal with greater evils. As far as you're concerned, you're a lucky Scorpio.

Don't lock yourself in, or avoid the life that goes through the door of your house. If you want to stay healthy and happy, relate to those who love you, and also make new friends!