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You may fervently desire to join others, but you feel like an unknown shame invades you. Your limitations are sabotaging your life because they prevent you from getting where you want to go.

These feelings of inferiority and incompetence are the fruit of Neptune's reverse influence. The dark side of humbleness is the embarrassment. But you'll have to analyze why you feel this way. The planets have something to do with it, but they aren't the only reason. 

Are you able to commit to yourself and maintain those commitments with integrity?

Integrity is coherence between thought, emotion, word, and action. If you really like that person, do something. Or otherwise, focus your interests on other parts in your life that you need to improve. Do you spend enough time with your friends?


Responsibilities that generate anger is the motive of today. A task that doesn't belong to you, a family burden perhaps? You will work reluctantly and mourn your fate.

These are tests that life puts in your path so that you mature some parts of your personality. 

You won't get anything by moaning, further than poisoning yourself with your own thoughts. Hold with honor the test you have to pass now because life only happens once and you will have to learn to break the rules to change your future.

You hate to spend almost all the money on paying off debts and then there is hardly anything left for you, but this is a cycle that won't last forever. Face the moment the best you can, because only the Scorpios know the heavy burdens they have had to bear with...


A too serious expression won't benefit you at all, Scorpio! Health is also on the face. Wouldn't you rather keep your distance when you're approaching a frowning person?

On the other hand, when smiling, two things happen: people want to be friendly, and your own organism interprets that everything is ok.

The body is designed for the smile only and exclusively when it feels happy. So if you try to smile even if you don't have a reason to do so at first, the tensions dissipate. It's a way of deceiving your mind!