Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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A lot of intensity for Scorpios these days... You will feel a motivation that leads you to break the rules, to reveal against the impositions so you can look for your destiny.

You'll take drastic decisions, with the objective of looking for your goals and overcoming all kind of obstacles. You're like that; you put up with too much until you explode and you solve the lack of comfort in a blink of an eye.

The stars point out that you will have some kind of contact with someone that will help you free yourself from some mental ties

Are you living a hidden passion? It's time to be honest with yourself, Scorpio. Trust in the intensity of your feelings. Nobody can be happy hiding for a long time...


Pluto in an excellent cosmic state with the natives of your sign will give you special courage in economic matters. You will be very good at finding sources of money that can easily end up in your pockets. 

During this transit, Scorpios will stand out in everything that is related to deep mysteries or knowledge, as well as in work on the land. Do you work in farming or the building sector? Then, congratulations!

To keep this economic flow, you have to keep yourself receptive to the proposals of the people around you and all the new information you hear. That's where you can find your good fortune, on the overused paths.


Right now, you count on the exceptional ability of regeneration. You'll feel as though small wounds will heal as by magic. And diseases will disappear as if they were only a nightmare. 

Inner transformation is also possible. Abandoning unhealthy habits will be as easy as saying out loud: "That's enough!"

Whether you provide emotional support or you are the one who receives it, the spell will be potent. The inner wounds will heal with the right words. Not the most eloquent ones but the ones that are said from the heart, Scorpio.