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Projecting in the other everything you look for in a couple has its risks. It makes you see qualities in the other person they don't have... And on the other hand, you generate conflictive situations that in theory, the other person causes. 

You will gain an understanding of your emotional management once you stop to analyze if what you feel is right or on the contrary, you get carried away by those needs that your parents didn't know how to satisfy during your childhood. 

Maturing emotionally consists of giving up a part of our wildest personality, the one that leads us to blame others when we are the ones who create conflict and discomfort in the relationship... You'll take a significant step in this sense today. 


The best way of increasing your income under this astral outlook is doing something for the rest. Scorpio is a sign with maternal/paternal tendencies, so you tend to help everybody. 

Don't you like asking them for the money? There's nothing wrong with getting money for your services. This usually happens in liberal professions. People can be shameless sometimes so don't trust people to pay you only because you would pay.

It's an excellent day to claim the money someone owes you. Although you don't need it right now, it's your money! And if you let yourself go too far with the deadlines, it will probably be even harder to claim what's yours later.


The best health therapy for Scorpios is to stop thinking for a while.

Go out and contact your friends, those you haven't seen for ages. Even if it's in the middle of the week, you can schedule a couple of hours for them.

This keeps your good mood and it's this optimism what keeps your body healthy. And in the case of diseases, the cure will knock on your door sooner than expected.

If you spend too much dealing with costumers face-to-face, don't forget that you need to alleviate all tensions and bad energies from the complaints.

A deep and significant conversation would do you good, such as the one you could have with a mental health professional. Going for a visit would provide you with super valuable mental tools, Scorpio.