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Thanks to the influence of love in your sign, you are on your way of being a better person.  Opening up to love is something that you haven't thought about much in your life, in spite of having had plenty of couples. 

Consider your previous relationships as rehearsals to get to this crucial moment. Your current partner shouldn't be jealous if you explain from this perspective what your exes mean to you.

You might get on well with the people you loved, although things didn't come out well. You have your right to cultivate healthy relationships, on the condition that you respect the love you feel for your partner. 

They will understand if you are patient with each other.

If you are a single Scorpio, you'll feel a strong temptation of going back to someone you really loved, but it won't go well... you'll break up again for the same reason that the first time you broke up. 


Make that voice inside you close its mouth because it is saying that everything in your life can be much better or even perfect. Because it's not true!

Work is what it is, and you use it to pay bills. Are you really going to let it condition your life? And not only that but your happiness as well. 

You sacrifice time in your professional career, but you don't have time to dedicate to the things you really like. Reflection is inevitable. 

The best thing you can do is think about all those things that make you feel bad, and it will help you see life in a better perspective. Morecompatible with your real needs!

And all this is, so you realize that self-exploitation isn't the way, Scorpio.


Health depends on your daily habits but also on the people you surround yourself with.

Assume some responsibility when it comes to creating bonds with people. You have a very good experience that you should put into practice. You learnt a long time ago not to give your time to people who don't want to give their time to you.

Regarding the most probable diseases for people from your sign, the sky points out that Scorpios born at the beginning of November will be more prone to suffer problems related to blood pressure. Go to the doctor regularly.