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Small arguments with your partner will weigh you down. However, it's better to say what you think and leave things clear, before allowing what you aren't going to tolerate, Scorpio. 

On the other hand, the stars encourage you to make decisions in the emotional plane that you have been postponing. On the contrary, you'll always have the same doubts and fears. You aren't willing to sit on your hands; it isn't your thing.

To gather the courage you need, it wouldn't be a bad idea to wear red garments or even carry an onyx stone with you.

The vibes that accompany those objects are those in consonance with planets that most influence you right now, and with the goals you follow.


It's going to be a long day at work today, Scorpio. Your colleagues don't help, the monotonous tasks and the unforeseen will be the culprits of this feeling that time is not moving.

You can't really do nothing about the colleagues you have or that you have some complications, but you can control the level of boredom on the tasks you have to do.

No matter how hard your tasks are, look for the way of making it entertaining. There are always creative solutions. From music, going through small incentives once you get to specific levels of productivity. 

Hang in there, Scorpio, even if you have moments when you just want to quit. The stars foresee that you are going to have a salary increase or even a fixed position in the staff.


Headaches, unexplained fevers and those increases of tension inappropriate for your age, what can they be due to? The planets indicate that frequent annoyances could contribute to this type of discomfort in the Scorpio organism.

It's not worth living with that person that only drives you crazy, no matter how cheap the rent is. Can't you see you are getting ill with so much negativity?

The best thing you can do for your health is to look for somewhere else to live. Just tell them they're right, you don't want your health to get damaged because of your pride. You have to know when to give in.