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Are you going through a tough moment with your partner? Don't worry; the stars point out that reconciliation will be closer today. 

It won't be immediate, but if you do your bit, the relationship can still work. You two are joined at the hip, although some unexpected setbacks make you think the opposite. Believe in your love!

The best thing you can do is to show yourself receptive, Scorpio, dedicating some time to yourself. It's never a bad option to invest in your wellbeing. 

Pity is never an option! Let them know you have a lot of love to give, but you have more love for yourself. 

Whether you have a partner or not, going out with your friends for a while is what you need so your emotions are always positive, Scorpio, even when you are going through a bad moment.


The stars recommend not taking hasty decisions, in the professional and the economic aspect, Scorpio. 

An especially enthusiastic friend may be pressuring you right now to make a decision, but you need to analyze all the pros and cons first. If you let yourself be carried away by your emotional side, it won't end well.

You need to take things calmly; you should relax and take your time you need for a mental rest so that everything calms down before making a decision. 

If you don't have a job and you have been looking for it for long, face the fact that your work destination is abroad. Don't waste any more time and look outside! There will be work for you, even if the beginnings are never easy...


It's time to clean out the bad vibrations from your house, with a thorough cleaning. This will help you clear your mind up. 

Do you have some incense at home? Purify the atmosphere of your house. It will activate your most spiritual part, making you find your inner peace.

Antioxidant food will be good for today. This Saturday, this kind of food will help you depurate your organism. Remember that health is found both in the energies around you and within you, Scorpio.