Scorpio Prediction for 25 November

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The interference of the moon in Pluto affects you. What you loved yesterday, today you might detest, and what you liked a bit, you will know how to find a special shine in it. It's crazy!

To calm your spirits, if that is what you want, don't go giving your opinions, because you can hurt other people's sensibilities by expressing yourself too vehemently.

What you feel for that person you've just met, comes from your need for beauty. You don't know who they are! If you are single, don't take any notice of that fatal attraction that you feel, because it can take you down the wrong way.


You have been stressed for some days because you don't know if they got you for the job. They are going to tell you very soon. You are an excellent candidate so don't worry because you are likely to be the chosen one. 

Remove the clouds of despair from your mind. You have to be very satisfied; it has been a long-distance race: time of preparation, uncertainty, disappointments, nerves, worry... Until the longed-for day has arrived: the job is yours. You deserve it!

After being so worried, it's normal that you are now concerned about doing it well and keeping your the job you just got. Believe in yourself! You'll do it the best way you can!


Being exposed to sudden changes in temperature will play tricks on you, Scorpio. You think you tolerate temperature changes as well as you did before, but you're wrong. Dress so your body is protected.

A drop in your immune system can be behind you catching diseases that were previously unthinkable. This fluctuation is normal in scorpions, so don't be alarmed.

Be very cautious and think twice before engaging in behaviors that are potentially dangerous to your health, because you won't count on the good luck you had in the past.