Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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Open up gradually, as you see positive reactions from your partner. You want to express your emotional intensity but what is the use of it if the other person doesn't care? You will only feel emptier if they aren't listening and you don't get feedback...

This doesn't mean you have to shut yourself off, but it's preferable to give less than to give too much. You'll provoke rejection in the other person.

Stay single as much time as you have to until you find that person that connects with your essence. Don't tolerate those people who are in your life out of curiosity, or because they have nothing better to do.

Choose well and always with an eye on the establishment of real connections.


Working is necessary, so as tempting as it is in your head the idea of inventing an excuse not to go to work, don't do it!

They would find out. Some colleague could see you in the street enjoying life when you should be working. 

As astral advice, try doing something you enjoy when you come out of work. You have more energy than the rest to be able to do it. Open doors to energy and elevate yourself above the rest with determination, Scorpio. 

If you work from home, don't relax; don't think that you can do fewer hours today and do them some other time, because your bosses are not going to like it. 


After some time staying at home, everything indicates that soon the transformation you need is going to happen, recovery.

Enjoy your vitality when you recover but with moderation. Too much energy can lead you to confinement again, at home or in hospitals. 

Socializing is more important than ever, in these days in which you need more socialization. You don't want to recognize it, but sometimes you get bored of being too foreseeable. Seeing your friends will be refreshing and will break the routine.