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You can be extremely willing to get together with that person, but the conditions of your environment indicate that this union isn't favorable, or that it is going to happen soon. 

You have to analyze the factors that are preventing this union. It's evident that you want to have an intimate relationship, but it's as if you were waiting for them to take the first step.

It is more than likely that one of the two already has a partner, but that isn't going to stop you from feeling the crazy desire to intertwine your bodies...

In this cases, the Magic Horoscope recommends you to think about the intensity of these feelings, and if you can live without them, the best thing you can do is forget about it and go on with your life, Scorpio. 

If you finally have that relationship with that person, you will feel one disappointment after the other. 


Your best strategy at work will be to recognize that you don't know something. It will give you the possibility of not making the same mistake over and over again.

In addition, showing some humbleness will make you be someone respectful to the eyes of others. At the same time, showing a collaborative attitude will help you have a peaceful day.

You will achieve your goals before if you keep ambition than trying to impress other. Focus your energies on your tasks and on being useful for the rest, and soon they will see you as someone invaluable.  


Following a diet is hard, especially if you are used to eating a bit of everything and without control. On the one side, this says good things about you, because it means you are someone who knows how to enjoy life. 

But as you know, controlling weight is something that transcends aesthetics. A lot of problems happen because of fat excess, for example, the risk of heart attack. 


Keep eating what you like, but help yourself with some tricks, so it doesn't take the toll on you: eat less, chew the food and above all, and avoid heavy dinners.