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Do contradictory emotions overwhelm you, Scorpio? Rejection and disgust are inherent in human beings; it's complicated that you like absolutely everything about someone. And even more, if you consider yourself a person with good critical sense.

But you know what, Scorpio? Your ability to look at truths at their face will avoid you to fall in love with an illusion. Falling in love is possible, although it might be a bit more complicated for you than for the rest. 

When the right person comes, you will know how to fall in love, of the good things and the bad ones. But the positive things should always beat the negative ones, Scorpio.

The good thing is that when you fall in love, you will do it sincerely and for the rest of your life. Yes, even if destiny sets you apart from that person that once loved you, you know very well that love will never die in your heart; it is transformed.

You might find what you're looking for among friends of your friends. Someone very dear will make you a matchmaker because they know how to find that person that is compatible with you, Scorpio.


Try doing the easy tasks first, leave the difficult and fewer priority ones for when you can fully concentrate. It will be difficult for you to start the day with the full performance of your faculties.

You will need more breaks than usual but don't be too harsh to yourself, Scorpio. Respect your changes of humor. 

If you do so, something very creative can come out of all this. It may not be a question of patenting an invention that will change the way the world does things, but it will make your job easier.

Don't let other people's opinion ruin your day. Some people think they have the right to tell you how to do things when it's not like that at all. 


Not being hungry is something unusual in you. However, sometimes you are so focused on your things that you forget to eat something. 

Hydrate and eat fruits, but don't be without eating for a day, because the heartburn that you have in your stomach can cause an ulcer. Keep in mind that the digestive system is not used to stop working for so long.

Try to be as regular as you can with meals; it's the way of telling your body when it's time to eat, and that is how it prepares for food.