Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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You are an attractive person that stands out, but today, it won't be normal, Scorpio! You'll have the whole world haunted by your charms.

Everyone is going to try to win your heart. You'll have to be careful with these people, whether you have a partner or you are single, Scorpio. Some of them will only want to get in bed with you.

You aren't looking for just sex right now. More than anything because the simple frictions take you away from the possibility of finding true love, by subtracting a precious time that you won't get back.

Choose your company well. You have the last word, Scorpio!


Don't you get on well with some of your colleagues? Then be careful with them, because bad intentions will come out on their part and they'll want to annoy you, for no apparent reason.

If you are more than just colleagues with someone at work, there will be someone that will use this against you. So try to be discreet. You know envy always follow you. 

As for your finances, you shouldn' rush to settle debts right now. They can still wait a little longer; you couldn't cope with the financial situation. 

Having this in mind, stop feeling down, Scorpio. The time is coming when everything will be paid for.


Tense situations are inevitables. Life puts in front of us some dishes that aren't always nice to try. 

However, there are different ways to going through a bad time. Don't suffer unnecessarily. Most of the fear that oppresses you in such circumstances is triggered by bad breath. The lack of air oppresses your spirit even more.

Next time don't forget to focus on your breathing. 

You can repeat this process as many times as you wish. The good thing is it won't take long to feel relief. It's imperative to give yourself some comfort.