Scorpio Magic Horoscope for November 3

Daily Prediction for Saturday
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You still don't believe that your partner, or a close friend, or even family, could have done this to you. If you haven't experimented it yet, get ready because today things are going to be hell because of a huge lie. 

There's no human being on Earth that hasn't caused pain to their loved ones, Scorpio. You should start to assume this, as the first step to forgiveness. 

People's greatest frustration and anger come from rejecting pain in life.

Leave that resentment because we all make mistakes. If you don't develop the ability to forgive, you'll feel how people start getting away from you. We're all susceptible to errors, don't be a ruthless judge.


You dedicate a  lot of time at work and you don't feel you are moving forward with it. This is a real problem...

Be honest, how many of those real hours do you dedicate to work? Surely in your head, you don't take into account those lapses of concentration with social networks that can turn into hours of unproductiveness.

If you think that the situation is getting out of hand, stop the external incentives that can make you lose concentration.  Work in a quiet place, if you are self-employed, or to a library if you need to study and it's impossible to do so at home. 


Do you pay attention to the type of clothes you wear, Scorpio? These days you will be especially susceptible to colors and shapes. That's why a bad mood can be due to something as seemingly innocuous as the color of clothing.

Black is a color that absorbs negative vibrations and reflects darkness wherever it goes. Scorpios are one of the signs that really love this color because they are strong enough to resist the negative impact.

But due to the bad appearance of the planets, leave your black garments aside and opt for those with high vibrations, such as yellow or red.