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Can you be in love without being in a formal relationship? Absolutely. 

If you are a conservative person, it's difficult that your partner commits more to you right now. 

Are formalities very important? For practical purposes, you share your life as a normal couple and live moments of true happiness together. Who cares if the "procedures" haven't been followed?

Your partner might not be ready to meet your family, but if you give them some time, they will adapt to this requirement. 

Be patient and let it come out of him or her to take the next step, Scorpio. That way you'll be proving that you really love your partner.


You are going to have a very hectic day, at the end of the day you'll feel as though you have been run over by a lorry, but it will have been worth it, your effort is going to be celebrated by your superiors!

This is what you need to go to your boss' office and ask for a pay rise. They won't be able to say "no" if you don't have a planned strategy, Scorpio. 

You are very independent but living with someone and sharing expenses will mean a significant saving for your economy, instead of having to pay for everything yourself. 

And you would also socialize without making many efforts...


Planning your free time also has an effect on your health and your wellbeing, Scorpio. Leaving everything to chance can lead to the problem of having to accept what is available.

Book in a very good restaurant right now, if your intention is to organize a dinner with friends. 

You can find yourself with a very unpleasant surprise like for example that all the tables are reserved already. And in the alternative restaurant that you choose at the last moment, you will have bad quality food.