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There are some things about your partner that annoy you, but today you'll get to a limit that you will explode.  Your objective is that it doesn't happen again, no matter what.

Trying to make your partner think about what they've done and you doing the same, so they realize how it makes you feel, isn't going to work. Because this only makes dissatisfaction bigger, in a vicious cycle.

If you really want them to stop acting like that, lead by example, Scorpio. If your partner is cold, be warm, or if nasty words annoy you, don't go into their game and be correct. 

This is how things work, Scorpio. Apply the rule of being a good example in your social relations and each time they will make fewer mistakes with you.


You will be in the spotlight. For some reason, you will be required more than your colleagues. You will feel real pressure on your shoulders.

But you have to learn to value the good part of things. It's an opportunity you have to stand out and to show that you are a valuable element in your company. 

If you are unemployed, try applying for jobs on the internet. Scorpio will be very lucky in this aspect; it doesn't matter if you don't have previous experience or a degree. The stars want to give you the chance to develop your most creative talents. 


Maintaining the best state of health necessarily involves monitoring that diet, Scorpio. Have you tried a vegetarian menu? Vegetables are antioxidants and bring you maximum benefits, especially for Scorpios.

You will avoid cardiovascular diseases and decrease the chances of getting cancer by introducing the color green in your life.

Or if you prefer it, opt for very healthy drinks. Juices, coconut water, water, buttermilk and cow milk from the India are the best drinks for a Scorpio.