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From your impartial emotional state, today you'll have the courage to deal with a conversation that you've been postponing.  Waiting for the perfect moment is something really wise from you, Scorpio. 

During this conversation, you'll have to know how to read between the lines. Under challenging conversations you usually get nervous, and you barely process what is happening inside of you, much less what the other person is saying!

Words can be deceiving. Ask all the questions you want and don't foresee what has to be negotiated.

Whether you want to go back with your former partner or that they want to go back with you, the dialogues will be deep and uncomfortable truths will come to light. On the one hand, this relieves you, and on the other, you fear every moment that coup de grâce that will break your heart.


You start the week strong! What you cared about before, doesn't have any value anymore. They need this done fast? You do more and more tasks every day? Why?! If they never recognize your efforts...

This change of attitude isn't at all negative, Scorpio. The stars indicate that it will be useful as a wake-up call.  Your superiors could call you to their office, but once you explain them your discouragement, they will try to solve your situation. 

Today you will learn the valuable lesson of not enduring just for the sake of it. If you report what doesn't work for you, only then will you have a chance for things to change, Scorpio.


The beginning of the week always means to set a schedule for the rest of the days. Do you want to have a lot of energy? Then you should try to keep your mental balance at all times, Scorpio. 

This means that you shouldn't let the external events influence you more than they should. It's always you who decides what mood you want to keep. Don't hold your emotions back and allow them to leave, the same way they came. 

When you avoid getting angry for anything, you're helping your digestive system to be at its best. If you're a Scorpio that suffers from bile reflux, controlling your emotions will be very good for you.