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Scorpios that have their birthday today will see themselves in a bubble of love! Congratulations!

The sun promotes your ideals of sincere and honest love. All your relationships will go through an authenticity filter. The false friends you have will get out your life through the back door.  

They know they can't mess with you, but you're not going to lose your time creating unnecessary dramas. The best thing is that these relationships go without saying. 

People that stay in your life are here to accompany you for a long time in the same project and sharing unique and unrepeatable moments. Enjoy everything the day has to offer!


You control your economic issues perfectly well. You know about every money that comes in and goes out, what makes you someone forward-looking. 

This is why people will come to you... A relative that doesn't know how to control their economy will ask you for some help, or directly, they will make you the guardian of their domestic affairs, Scorpio.

Manipulating money from others isn't something that you aren't good at, but you feel a bit uncomfortable. You'd prefer others to do it instead. 

Unfortunately, you are the only trustworthy person right now, and with no doubt, that person with their bad money managing could end up sleeping on the streets. This is how worrying the situation is...


Is it difficult for you to lose weight, you feel tired, and you can't concentrate? Then you're probably having too much sugar, Scorpio. 

It's true that we need glucose to work, but its constant intake hinders the proper functioning of the body.

High blood sugar levels cause metabolic alterations, and they also make the immune system weaken and, interfering in its activities, increases the tendency to develop infectious diseases. 

Think about it well before eating a biscuit after another, because you are not doing your body any good, Scorpio.