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Everyone knows that love has to be low cooked; but before you'll have to put something in the oven, right? What the stars want Scorpios to know is that too much caution is not reasonable. 

You're waiting for the other person to take the step and they don't even know you are smitten with them! What are you waiting for? Time plays against you: there's someone else who could win their heart before you do.

If you have a relationship, be the one who takes the initiative. Has it been long waiting for them to tell you to go to bed together? Well, try to ignite the spark between you two... The results will be very pleasant for both of you, Scorpio.


In your job and financial issues, you'll know how to state your opinion without hesitating. This is wonderful because you hate having to bring all your hidden force out. You have to be afraid of Scorpios when they get angry!

For all the activities you do during today you'll have to take other people into account. Especially the Scorpios that have a project in common with their partner. Are you thinking of making changes and improvements? Before doing anything, check it with someone. 

You love being carried along by your impulses; you know you always hit the target because you are very attentive...  But the contribution of a second thinking head always helps. 


If you usually suffer from dizziness, during the day, you'll feel they pursue you relentlessly with more intensity than usual. Don't you know why? Without panicking, Scorpio, go to your doctor to inform you.

Keep in mind that there are circumstances that cause these symptoms, as, being pregnant or just having some kind of obstruction in the inner ear. 

It is best not to risk doing activities that demand a lot of you physically; it is better to prevent any type of accident.