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Have you forgotten the meaning of the word "moderation," Scorpio? If other people go against your wishes or your expectations, you'll feel such an intense frustration that you'll need to air out.

You'll just need to explode... you'd better be far from anyone when this happens! You might have got to the conclusion that an attack is the best defense. Too much sensitivity towards this unharmonious Pluto can bring you many troubles.

There's no doubt, however, that there won't be many people willing to tolerate this kind of behavior, and probably for this reason, even the closest ones will get away from you somehow.


You have a high potential to carry out ambitious projects, but you'll have to recognize that other people also have talent and deserve the acknowledgment of their participation. Basically, because you'll need their collaboration.

You always think that you'll be really happy when you fulfill all your objectives, but, you know what? If you aren't happy with what you already have, you won't be it after achieving your goals. You are always going to miss something. Does that mean that you'll never be able to be happy? 

You need a small change in your vision. What if you try enjoying the way? That your journey takes you always towards better perspectives, it's a solid foundation for your happiness.


How long is it since you have sung out loud? Today the planets encourage you to express with the voice. Do you think you don't sing well? It doesn't matter; nobody says it has to be in a karaoke. Sing for yourself. 

You alleviate anxiety and stress freeing your vocal cords from your throat. Neptune will give you a special sensitivity. An essential song for you from the past, a good film or the beautiful sunsets, will move you, freeing your heart.

What if your sensitivity leads you to cry because of that beautiful song? Crying is therapy, Scorpio! Don't be embarrassed. Living means being able to feel.