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No matter what decision you make in love, make sure you do it with affection. People who used to keep you awake and made you feel crazy in love, now make you feel rejection, and that isn't possible, Scorpio.

Could it be that just one bad gesture is capable of eclipsing all other good deeds? Yes, but we can all be wrong, we are all human.

You'll still not be ready to forgive. When your deepest feelings are hurt, there's something inside you that needs time to solve it.

The way to initiate regeneration is that you at least relativize about what might have led that person to do what they did, and your real role in it. This is also the path to true self-knowledge, Scorpio.


The slogan for today could be: "play to win." If you always look at the money investments with suspicion, you'll never enjoy the benefits with which other people fill their pockets with so much joy.

You have a friend with excellent ideas that you should start listening to in money matters. They can give you excellent advice that you would never have dared to think about on your own.

Magic Horoscope advises Scorpios to invest in real estate, or in negotiations related to restoration. The influence of Venus together with Mercury will ease this kind of management.

Be careful with people from an Air sign throughout today, because they'll try to make you take wrong decisions. Trust your instinct before dishonest words.


The trend in health for those born under the sign of the scorpion is for the temperature to rise. Both on a physical and emotional level. Hot flushes can lead you to make hasty decisions that can harm you at all levels.

Try to avoid arguments and confrontations, because they aren't going to be good for you. It will lead to pains and headaches that could last for some time. Don't let bad words ruin your day. 

Act with the elegance of a heron. Visualize the image of this animal every time you want to give an answer and you will know how to keep calm and elegance when acting. Without getting angry, Scorpio.