Scorpio Prediction for 11 October

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Is it good to spend your time lost in fantasies, Scorpio? Although right now you have a satisfying relationship, you don't stop thinking about a person you've just met. 

Even if you think it's something harmless, it's energy that you're taking away from your partner by feeding a sterile ideal that contributes nothing to your life. Think about it.

Desire can lead you to complicated paths sometimes, but you can always use self-control measures. You don't stop sabotaging the present if you always dream of what you don't have.

Start by focusing on that relationship project in front of you. Carry out plans and get to know each other well, through deep conversation or you could lose everything after the chase of smoke figures, Scorpio.


The imposition of Saturn's energy doesn't bring easy joys in your economy. Perhaps no one wants to give you their money right away, but this is an excellent time to farm the land of your prosperity.

The new jobs they propose to you will give better results than you would have thought. Accept the new challenges, because, with some perseverance and discipline, you will achieve great honors.

Temper your character and resist, even if your first impulse is to throw in the towel. You can't stand authoritarianism, but you must forgive those superiors who don't know how to express themselves in any other way. Do what you have to do, and no one can tell you off.


Discreet but sustained health. If you're exposed to dangerous environmental conditions, you will surely get sick. You are not immune to this kind of influence, especially in these days when the moon affects you directly.

Look for quiet, unpolluted environments.  Even if it's complicated for you, an escape to nature will have miraculous effects on you. You will recover your vigor and the desire to do enriching activities.

The diet may be failing right now. Do you feel like eating sweets and falling into temptation? Physical exercise would help you regulate your blood sugar levels, which is what causes you those attacks of anxious hunger, Scorpio.