Scorpio Horoscope for 13 October

Your Forecast for Saturday
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With Uranus shining in your astral horizon, you get a certain nonconformity when it comes to carrying out your relationship as a couple. Open your mind and stop assuming roles that are associated with your gender.

Why do women have to be more affective and be on the lookout for their partners? Or if you're a man, why do you have to have clear ideas? Whatever your case is, put preconceived ideas aside. Be a woman with the right to devote herself to her hobbies without her partner, or a man who allows himself to doubt.

It's a critical period for Scorpios that have just broken up with their partner. You probably didn't want to do it. If after proposing a reconciliation, that person decides not to return, perhaps it's time to start assimilating that they were not meant to be a couple.


Are you fed up with the same story? Well, today you'll change some attitudes that overwhelm you. 

Scorpio can wait patiently until it realizes it is strong enough to continue alone. With no one getting in its way.

Two things might happen at work today: or you solve the conflict with your colleagues, or you'll decide to leave your job position. Unfair conditions in the employment contract cannot be sustained any longer either.

It will also be a day when you will cancel services that you won't miss. You will end up paying debts, or you may finally get paid what you are owed. A day of blunt and definitive energy in unfinished business.


You'll feel perfectly well. Those discomforts that concerned you will disappear as by magic. 

You feel alive when you make decisions. When you defend yourself from what is not good for you.

Light food will give you extra motivation to do everything that needs to be finished today. Try vegetarian recipes, even if you aren't vegetarian. Changing your diet for a day won't hurt.