Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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Toxic relationships seem to follow you. Why can't you just be happy without pain? Sometimes you don't understand why things have to go wrong with ridiculous arguments and unjustified reproaches. 

You should ask yourself what is what you want and what is good for you. Try to coincide in both answers, or you're always be split in two, Scorpio. 

You'll have to analyze your reactions when he offers you his emotional vampirism. Don't fall for their game. That person might not be evil, but they have some problems when interacting with people.

With your example, love and patience, you'll be able to build a more healthy relationship. Or if you prefer speeding up the process, a couple therapy session could be helpful.


Pay attention to the information you'll receive today because it will be crucial to improving your financial situation. 

On the other hand, you'll have to be careful with what you say at work.  Even though you think you trust that person, it can go against you. 

Decide to start that economical operation you've been postponing for a while. If you don't take action now, others may take the lead, or it may be too late. Especially if you're thinking about getting some kind of well-priced product.

Try your luck in your search for a new job in companies that value that great charisma you have. You can start working for the public, even if you've never thought about it before, you'll be great.


Regarding your health, it couldn't be better for you. If you don't feel well, you'll soon be able to heal satisfactorily. 

Stable as well as reliable, you will cling to your good habits. Those healthy habits that allow you to maintain robust health.

You have excellent opportunities to start a new activity that motivates and fills you, Scorpio. On this occasion you will be happy that it is a group activity, you feel more friendly than usual.

It is a splendid day of physical well-being and optimism.