Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You are trying to move forward in your relationship and to do so you know exactly what steps you must take. Even though you can doubt a bit, it's your determination what will take your relationship to the next level.  Mars, your ruling planet, is your best ally. 

Planning activities together and with some intensity is something you're both looking forward to. Your partner will surprise you if they're someone who prefers sofa. They will say yes to adventure! 

If you are calmer than your better half, they will propose a plan that is not your style but that you won't be able to say no. Mountaineering? A route in bike out the paths? Guaranteed emotions!


Making an effort isn't the solution. It's actually the source of unease that you feel now. Why do you devote yourself to work and your bosses continue without recognizing your merit? This means psychological wear and tear on anyone.

Begin by relaxing and having an open attitude with your colleagues. It's essential for you not to neglect the emotional part of your job. Don't you know about cases in which colleagues less competent than you have been promoted? Emotions are key.

On the other hand, in the domestic sphere, you'll have to invest in new furniture or installation repairs that are giving you some problems lately. Stinginess isn't advisable; you deserve being comfortable when you come back from work. 


You'll be in an excellent state of health, Scorpio! You might have an unstable mood, but because sometimes you forget about cutting off your circulars thoughts. They become a kind of scratched disc that isn't pleasant. 

If you have exams and you're nervous about the imminence of a demanding test, the advice of the stars is to rest. You know what you know! At this point, it will be good for you to relax and give your brain a chance to assimilate what you have learnt.